Our own brand ‘t-sips’ is a unique blend of teas offered as black, green, fruity and herbal infusion teas, while our distinct packaging reflects the rich full bodied flavour of our teas. With the modern consumer in mind, we have a range of teabags enveloped in foil covers to silken pyramid teabags, all encapsulating the rich aroma and flavour of Ceylon teas. We also have loose leaf tins for those who enjoy the therapeutic process of brewing a pot of tea to enjoy at leisure.

Our herbal and fruity teas come in silken teabags which are a net-like mesh with larger perforation to those found in conventional paper bags. This allows the water to truly infuse with whole leaf teas, rough-cut herbs, fruit pieces and flowers found in our herbal blends. For a genuinely soothing experience watch the ingredients gently unfurl within the silken bag, as they release their goodness, colour and exquisite aroma.

All our teas are produced using the orthodox method of production, consisting of five stages – withering, rolling, fermenting, drying and sorting. Our highly skilled workforce, expertly pick best leaves and process the tea blend by hand.

t-sips can be found as loose leaf tins, teabags or individually wrapped luxury sachets. We also have beautifully packaged a gift series with an assortment of our teas for exclusive enjoyment